The Face in the Window (Photo 101: Glass)

The Face in the Window

1. The Face in the Window

I was standing across the street from Flight of Fancy: Fine Art Hand Crafts in Bear River, Nova Scotia one summer afternoon a few years ago, when I had the uncomfortable feeling that my husband and I were being secretly spied upon by a stranger.  Intuition, perhaps, made me glance up at a second story window of the gallery, and I was relieved to find that there was, indeed, a mysterious but non-threatening figure staring out through the pane of glass.

Iris Blossoms on Windowsill

2. Iris Blossoms on Windowsill


One morning in early spring, I rescued these iris blossoms from where they’d fallen to the ground during a stormy night.  I love how the velvet-textured, purple hues of the standards and falls were intensified by the natural light shining through both them and the vase in which they stood on the windowsill.  The swirling cobalt ribbon of colour in the glass along with the deep blue starfish and a small dish nearby, further added to my pleasure in the scene.  Even the  showers outside my kitchen window were unable to dampen my mood that day!



About Peggy Pilkey

A writer, reader, amateur photographer, gardener, adult "third culture kid", former library employee, once-upon-a-time world traveller, and volunteer teacher with CUSO International.
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