Gone, But Not Forgotten (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Gone, But Not Forgotten

This photograph was taken a decade or so ago, before it became necessary for Betty–my mom–to move to a senior’s care residence, and before our beloved pet “Bud” passed away from complications of hemophilia within two and a half years of her death.  This image came to mind when I first saw the weekly challenge on this theme in early December.  Over the intervening weeks, prior to my decision to post their photograph, I have experienced such warm memories of them both that I could not help but share their love with you, as they gently cared for one another, and for all our family.  Gone, but not forgotten.  Ever.

About Peggy Pilkey

A writer, reader, amateur photographer, gardener, adult "third culture kid", former library employee, once-upon-a-time world traveller, and volunteer teacher with CUSO International.
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