Kelly Genealogy (Cora May Kelly Rice, Betty Savary’s Mother)

Betty’s father, Leroy Rice

This page is under construction, awaiting photographs and commentary that I should soon be able to post soon, thanks to a visit from Barry and Donna Burtis, who shared with me the genealogical research they so meticulously compiled on the Kelly and Lester branches of the family.

Sadly, my mother’s mother Cora died of tuberculosis when my mom was four years old, and Betty also lost her older brother, Hilton, who passed away at the age of twelve. Since my dad’s mother, too–Annie Edna Neve–had died at a young age, the day after giving birth to him, my parents had both experienced living in foster homes prior to the remarriage of their respective fathers. My mother and Hilton spent time at their Aunt Ella and Uncle Byron’s farm in New Durham, Ontario, where they played with their cousins Philip and Betty Burtis.

Cora May Kelly (Centre) with sisters Ella (Left) and Harriet (Right)

Cora May Kelly (Centre) camping with her sisters and unknown (to me) companion.


The photographs of Cora May Kelly are precious to me, because they help me understand something of her life that illuminates my mother’s as well. Now I know where my mom got her love of reading–and also camping!