Silly Sea Songs: Nonsense Poems to Rock Your Boat

[Four sample poems of Twenty-Five]

Three Little Fishes

Three little fishes
Were washing their dishes
And rinsing their scallop shells,
When along came an eel
(An élégant eel)
Wearing a necklace of bells.

She jingled and jangled
The trinkets that dangled,
And soared on the spout of a whale.
Then spotting the fishes
(The terrified fishes),
She heard their lamentable tale.

“I’ll grant you three wishes,”
She said to the fishes,
“But make them as quick as you can.
This whale is so hungry
(Exceedingly hungry)
He’d even devour a man!”

Now the whale was approaching
And had thoughts of poaching
Or steaming or frying the lot.
But the first little fish,
(The tiniest fish),
Had wished that they wouldn’t get caught.

Yet not being caught
Was still scary and fraught
With fears of exhaustion and gloom.
Said the fish in the middle
(Smack dab in the middle),
“I wish for a magical loom!”

“By weaving a net,
Which I’ll cast or I’ll set,
I’ll entangle the whale as it floats.”
Said the fish on the right
(The very far right),
“But I wish we were bigger than boats!”

So three BIG fishes
Left their dishes
To romp with the whale in the sea
And the fairy bells jingled
(They mingled and jingled),
Which suited the eel to a T!



What Do They Do?

[Verses 1 & 2, of Seven]

Does a sea lion roar?
Does a sea hare hop?
Does a sea eagle soar?
Does a sea horse clop?

Does a sea robin chirp?
Does a sea dog yap?
Does a sea slug slurp?
Does a sea turtle snap?


My Pizza Place

At my pizza place so cool,
Special toppings are the rule;
There at work on Ochterloney,
I begin with pepperoni—
Pepperoni, shrimp and cheese
Artichokes and tiny peas;
Candied ginger, chocolate chips,
Parmesan and creamy dips;
Mushrooms, raisins, stacks of S’Mores
Shredded carrots, petites fours;
Cauliflower, crab and corn,
Fresh tomatoes, lettuce torn;
Spinach, kale and salad greens,
Peppers, parsnips, stringy beans;
Rosemary and pinch of thyme,
Lobster chunks, and squeeze of lime.

When it’s ready, have a slice—
Or shall I add a grain of ice?
Advice from a Sea Otter’s Mom

A sea otter oughta play nicely,
A sea otter oughta be cool;
But a sea otter shouldn’t do back flips or dive,
Into a swimming pool!