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Since the early days of the inception of WFNS, I’ve placed in four of six annual Atlantic Writing Competitions to which I’ve made submissions. In addition, while acquiring new skills and honing old ones, I’ve participated in past workshops presented by Kathy Lowinger, Deborah Ellis, Marthe Jocelyn, Frieda Wishinsky, Barbara Greenwood and the late Mollie Hunter. I’ve also attended a ten-week course–Writing for Children and Young Adults–led by Vicki Grant, an award-winning author of fiction for middle grade readers and young adults. In 2018, judges of the CANSCAIP-sponsored Writing for Children Competition long-listed my story–Prince Nicolai and the Empty Box–from over 500 entries. (It had also been long-listed by the judges of the same competition in 2012 (900 entries), which at that time, had been organized by The Writer’s Union of Canada (TWUC), a national association of professional writers.) Participating in these activities, I believe, has contributed to my continuing improvement as a writer.

He did not wish to be unkind, but he thought, too greedy!

He did not wish to be unkind, but he thought, too greedy!

To get a sense of my personal background and writing-related interests, I’ve created links to the following topical pages: Emerging Writer CV, A Short Biography, and  my thoughts On Writing. I’ve also created sub-headings on my Manuscript Portfolio page for excerpts related to individual titles. I hope you’ll enjoy the few writing samples provided, as well as Jennifer DesRoche’s whimsical illustrations accompanying Prince Nicolai and the Empty Box. Click here to contact me if you would like my current password for protected sites. (If you are an agent or editor, it may be found at the end of my query or cover letter, following my e-mail address and phone number.) Thanks for visiting!


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