Planet Poltergeist

All excerpts on this site: © 2017 M.E. Pilkey.

From Planet Poltergeist: Spinner, the Enabler and Mentor

Closing his eyes, Spinner’s thoughts returned to a day long ago—a magical day—a day on which he, Fatteh Ali Khan, had found himself standing next to the Wizard of Locman in a crowded marketplace. Eyes wide with wonder, the child Spinner had watched the magician pluck a pure white dove from behind the ear of a slave boy; had watched the long fingers uncurl to release the bird against a Persian blue sky. It was then that Spinner had first dreamed of flight.

From Planet Poltergeist: Zaira, a council member, from Spinner’s POV

Spinner watched the young woman named Zaira rise gracefully from her chair. The teal blue gown she was wearing shimmered in the soft incandescent lighting of the room as if the fabric were flowing over her slender form, as if it were the very waters of the Nile he had once gazed upon in his youth. Her fine silver hair, swept back from her face, was piled elegantly on top of her head; exquisite opal earrings were visible from between the few wispy curls that had escaped down over her ears. Her eyes unnerved him. Spinner had to look away from them more than once, for he was attracted to their swirling depths of green like a ship caught in the gravitational pull of a black hole in space. He felt certain a man could lose himself in them forever. He bowed to her as any gentleman would, then felt his heart thump against his chest as a chair crashed to the floor at the far end of the table.

From Planet Poltergeist: Taro, speaking to The Master of Miros, a planet located in the “Goldilocks Zone” on the outer edge of the Milky Way galaxy.

“Is there no evil here, then?” asked Taro innocently.

The Master’s eyes probed those of the boy.“If you cut a bamboo on a moonlit night,” he said, “you will find a snake in the hollow of it between the third and fourth joints.”

Taro listened to the age-old superstition and shuddered.“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Do not let first impressions deceive you. Those who appear to be most honourable may, in fact, perform acts of unspeakable–yes…evil.”