Emma and Bud, A Love Story

Written in memory of our adorable Golden Retriever, Bud.

“Emma,” said her mother, “that blouse Katie gave you looks like an old rag. I know you miss her, but you’re not going to wear it again, are you?”

“Why not? The collar still looks new. I can wear it under a sweatshirt, or even a sweater.” Even so, she hung it back in her closet.

Emma liked her blouse with the embroidered rosebuds on the collar. Each time she wore it, she thought of Katie who had moved far away. When it ripped under the left armhole, she borrowed a needle and thread and repaired it herself. When it ripped under the right armhole, she glued the seams back together. And when the buttons popped off, she replaced them with safety pins.

Later, when the doorbell chimed, Emma wished with all her heart that Katie had returned. She dashed down the stairs.

“Who is it, mom? Who’s there?”



Sketches by author and artist Jacqueline Halsey. Click here to visit her fabulous website: <http://www.jacquelinehalsey.com/&gt;