Little Like Me

Out in the hallway, her mother opened the glass doors of a bookcase. Books and photo albums filled the top shelf. Some of them looked new, and some of them looked old. She passed one to Megan.

“This is your baby book,” she said.

Her mother removed another. “And here’s mine. Let’s sit on the window seat. Let’s see what we can find.”

Megan flipped through the pages of her own first. “Is this really me?” she asked, when she spotted a picture of a baby sitting in a high-chair.

“Yes, it is,” answered her mother. “And this is me.”

Megan glanced at the photograph in her mother’s album. It, too, was of a baby sitting in a high-chair. The baby had strawberry blond curls and looked a lot like Megan.

“No, it’s not you,” said Megan. “That’s me!”