The Great Figley Kumquat

When Figley Kumquat learned that his neighbour had broken a leg, he visited him after school that day.

“Mr. Logan,” he said, “is there anything I can do to help?”

“You can sign your name on my cast.”

“Okay,” said Figley, taking the pen from him and writing Figley Kumquat in a large squiggle. “But I want to really help.”

Mr. Logan thought for a minute or two. “Well,” he said, “Mrs. Logan has a list of chores. Maybe there’s something on it you can do for her. In the meantime, would you like to mow the lawn after supper?”

The big smile on Figley’s face disappeared. He hated mowing lawns, so he replied reluctantly. “Uh, sure. I guess I can do that. But I’ll read Mrs. Logan’s list, first.”

Soon after, he was sitting on the front step of his home. After reading her list of chores, he knew he should not only 1. Mow the lawn, but also: 2. Prune the apple tree and 3. Move a boulder from point A to point B.

Many times he’d offered to help his dad prune a tree, but his dad had always said, “You’re too young, Figley.”

Many times he’d wanted to help his dad move a boulder, but his dad had always said, “Get out of the way, Figley. You might get hurt!”

But even though Figley never, ever wanted to mow the lawn, his dad always said, “Figley, the grass is getting long. You’d better cut it today. It’s going to rain.”

Sometimes Figley wished it would rain and never stop.

But just as he’d promised to do, he returned to Mr. Logan’s in the evening to cut the grass. He cut it as short as possible. He wanted to make sure it wouldn’t grow again before Mr. Logan’s leg mended.

“Thank you, Figley. You’re a great kid!” said Mr. Logan.

[Illustration: Mixed emotions on Mr. Logan’s face when he sees the scalped lawn.]