Where is Far, Far Away?

I was happy for the first week at Gran’s home on Wolfe Island. But then I learned I would have to go to school the next day. I ran and hid in the closet in her guestroom.

But Mommy and Daddy found me there.

“I don’t have any friends,” I wailed. “I’m scared!”

They wrapped me in their arms and told me they loved me. “You’ll have a new best friend soon,” said Daddy. “I promise.”

Daddy was right.

In the morning, he left me with the teacher. She led me up to the front of the class and introduced me. A girl with a big smile raised her hand and said, “Is it okay if Meg sits beside me?” That was how I met Henrietta.

So when it came time for us to leave Gran’s house, the pain in my stomach got just as big as before. My classmates gave me presents. I liked my presents, especially the pair of Dutch wooden shoes Henrietta gave me, but I didn’t feel happy. I couldn’t understand why.

When I said goodbye to the big boulders sprawling out from the shore into the lake, and when I said goodbye to the sweet smell of Gran’s lavender soap, I cried. And when I said goodbye to the swinging wicker sofa on her veranda, and to the road curving down the hill towards the Wolfe Island ferry, I cried again.

But this time, I didn’t hide under my bed or in a closet. I ran to the lake and walked along the shore. I skipped stones across the water. Then I sat on a rock and watched the gulls gliding and dipping into the waves.

But Daddy and Mommy found me there.